Minting Rotts Revolution NFTS 101

The Rotts Revolution NFT Collection offered early supporters the opportunity to mint before anyone else through whitelisting at a discounted price of 150 Matic tokens before the public sale starts. (Floor Price of 200 Matic tokens)

You have registered for the whitelist, now what?

The following guide will clarify all your worries regarding the Rotts Revolution Genesis Mint.

Rotts Revolution Minting Process:

You can start minting your Rotts Revolution NFTs by following 5 easy steps!

  1. Connect your wallet with the Rotts Revolution website:
  2. Make sure you have 201 Matic in your account (200 for the NFT and less than 1 Matic in gas fee)
  3. Press the ‘Mint Now’ tab
  4. Tokens from your wallet will be transferred and a placeholder NFT will be sent back to your wallet
  5. You can disconnect your wallet from the website once the NFT has been minted.

What if I don’t have Matic tokens?

No need to worry! Matic is the native token of The Polygon Network, which is an Ethereum Layer-2 solution, meant to increase transaction speed and reduce costs. All you need is some Ethereum to get started. Once you have Ethereum in your wallet, you can bridge tokens from The Ethereum Network (ETH) to the Polygon Chain (MATIC) using the PoS (Proof of Stake) Bridge.

Follow these steps to successfully bridge your tokens:

  1. Go to the Matic Web Wallet
  2. Connect your Metamask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase wallet
  3. Sign the signature request to confirm the connection
  4. Go to the Matic PoS Bridge
  5. Select the token you want to bridge by using the dropdown menu
  6. Carefully enter the amount of tokens you want to bridge to the Polygon Chain (MATIC)
  7. Confirm details and click the ‘Transfer’ button
  8. If your bridging transaction information is correct, click the ‘continue’ button
  9. Follow further instructions on screen if any
  10. Once transferred, your tokens will arrive in your wallet on the Polygon Chain shortly.

How do I buy NFTs once 100% have been minted?

You can buy NFTs by connecting your wallet to any NFT marketplace that Rotts Revolution has listed on.

(To be announced by the team in the near future)

I’ve minted my NFT and I can’t see it in my wallet, how do I verify?

Go to the Polygon PoS Chain Explorer ( to follow up on all transactions on the Polygon Chain. You can sign in using your wallet or enter an address, Txn hash, block number, or token name to know the status of any transaction.

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