Why and How to Whitelist for Rotts Revolution NFTs

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2 min readJan 6, 2022


Most NFT or Blockchain-based projects aim to promote collectible artwork as a means of growing a community. The Rotts Revolution NFT Collection stands to be different. Although character models, traits, and attributes all play a significant role in determining the rarity of a particular NFT, NFTs have the potential to add value in many innovative ways.

The Rotts Revolution NFT Collection is based on the vision of empowering a community of blockchain enthusiasts and holders through passive income-based initiatives.

Usually, as public-sale approaches, popularity and anticipation may drive prices up. This makes it incredibly important for successful blockchain projects to reward early supporters in some way, rather than forcing them into competition with people that joined the community after them.

Our whitelist not only enables YOU to mint your NFTs cheaper and earlier than everyone else, but all whitelisted wallets participating in the genesis mint will also be eligible for exclusive rewards!

Many collections will make you invite others to their Discord server or help build their community by sharing their social media content but MetaRotts DeFi and all associated projects are different.

Find out more about how and why to whitelist below!

When can I whitelist?

You can register for the whitelist starting 31st of December till 14th of January, 2022.

How many NFTs can I Mint?

Overall, 1,000 Genesis NFTs have been reserved for minting by whitelisted wallets. Individually, the collection imposes a limit of 10 NFTs per wallet, get yours today!

What are the benefits of whitelisting?

Whitelisted individuals will receive the following benefits and rewards once they officially register for the Rotts Revolution NFT Whitelist:

  • Access to the Rotts Revolution NFT genesis mint at a discounted price (150 MATIC)
  • Kibble (Passive-income, NFT Ecosystem Token) Airdrop
  • Priority access to future NFT Collections
  • Access to private channels for genesis holders
  • Dedicated VIP support team
  • Exclusive chances to win rare NFT drops
  • Priority beta-access for future MetaRotts initiatives
  • Access to exclusive merch
  • Exclusive Discord and community titles

How can I whitelist?

You can whitelist today by simply filling out a Typeform. We require nothing out of the ordinary, just basic information such as your wallet address, country of residence, name, and associated email address. The Typeform will also allow you to claim up to 10 NFTs per wallet to mint at a discounted mint price of 150 Matic Tokens.

Whitelist now for exclusive rewards and more while you still can!

Visit our website to learn more about our upcoming NFTs with utility-based ecosystems which are some of the most likely collections to appreciate in value over time.

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